About Mallorca everything we can say in one word is … “PARADISE”.

It is where we felt best, Mallorca is certainly one of the most beautiful islands in Europe. Impressing was the fact that this island includes both – sea and mountains.
And not only, the fact that on an island there are so many places to visit, one more beautiful than another, it’s hard not to come back.

In the week we stayed there, we explored the island place by place and we weren’t able to see not even half of the amazing places.

Exquisite beaches, easy to access mountains – Oh right! We must mention that we was almost the whole trip with beach sandals / flip-flops. ON THE MOUNTAINS ALSO!🙂 Imagine that!

The fact that everything is so accessible seemed fascinating. You actually get off the car and there – You have some dream landscapes!

When we walked through the forest, everything seemed so wild but in the same time friendly. Mona scares easily, but here she felt safe all the trip. We must go back!  ♥

#PalmaDeMallorca #Spain

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