Karin & Markus

Photography has allowed us to see places that we had never imagined, meet people from all over the globe and experience life in a way that is beyond our understanding. We’€re thankful for every second that we get to do this job and every place it takes us, it’s a blessing.

We will share with you some of our fave photos from Karin & Markus’s wedding day. Though there are much more, but I don’t wanna get all crazy about this! :))

It’s simply amazing how we connected and everything went naturally. All of the emotions, the laughter and the good times! We loved every tiny little detail of this wedding. We haven’t learned German yet, but we’ll promise to try harder 🙂

Danke schön! Thank you wonderful people! ♥ 

• Wedding Day @ Melk, Austria 2019 / Stift Melk Abbey

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